First Single's Night in Jaipur

Connect with New People in a Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere

First of all

A Fresh and Exciting Way to Date

Tired of Traditional Dating Scene? Join Meld's Singles Event for a Laid-back and Enjoyable Experience.

Not to mention

Safe and Inclusive Environment

Our Team Strives to Create a Safe and Inclusive Environment for All Participants.

And let's not forget

Like-minded folks

Don't Miss Out on the Opportunity to Meet Amazing New People and Have a Great Time While Doing It.

About us

Meld is dedicated to providing a fun and stress-free dating experience. We believe that dating should be enjoyable, which is why we've designed our event to be a relaxed and inclusive environment. Our team is committed to making sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable at our events.

Join Us for a Night of Fun, Laughter, and Connection at Meld's Networking Event.

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